My Proverbs 32 Man, Joseph

Man adjusting cuff link

Ok, before you read this, you must promise not to drool over Joseph and please don’t even think about getting him for yourself. Now that you’ve promised, you may read this post 😀 Enjoy!

Last year, I saw this amazing post on One+The One’s blog and I couldn’t help but reblog it on femmetotale. It was about the Proverbs 32 man, aka the virtuous dude. Now, you must know that it is quite unusual to hear about the virtuous man. All we hear day in, year out is about that perfect woman called the virtuous woman. Nobody thought it was important enough to give men a manual on what a virtuous man should be like unlike the very detailed writing of King Lemuel’s mother who told him about the virtuous woman. My girl did a very humourous and insightful piece on her blog, telling us what the virtuous man should be like. Guys, I hope it wasn’t too impossible to emulate.

I read this amazing post on Dr. N’s blog about how to choose a husband. Isn’t it just exciting to hear what a lady who leads her life based on godly principles has to say about choosing a husband? You have to check out what she has to say yourself. Just Click here to read or follow the link, The part that really struck me at first was where she described what a husband is. In her own words, “Who is a husband? A husband is a gardener. He spends his life tending his garden (you), and reaps at harvest time.” Hmmm…. rich! Then next, she described what she looked out for in her man and the one that stood out most for me was Love for the Lord. She said, “I needed a man so passionate about Jesus that it showed. One who loves going to church, sowing, praying and so on. He should be the priest of the home. I had no intention of being the one dragging him to church, praying over the kids, e.t.c. Single and available lady (not searching please… you should be sought for) lady, please take note of these great qualities too.

So, according to the Catholic calendar, the Saint of the day is Joseph, the father of Jesus and I believe he is one virtuous man every man in our generation should model his life after. He was definitely a man whose passion for the things of God showed and he was the Priest of his home. I love the fact that even when he thought that Mary had become pregnant by being unfaithful to him, he showed maturity by deciding to send her away discretely so as not to shame her. That’s what true love does. Love does not act out in anger. How many men today would treat suspicions of unfaithfulness in that manner? Also, he needed to be able to hear from God and be sensitive in the spirit to recognize that it was the voice of God when the Angel appeared to him and told him to take Mary as his wife because she was carrying the saviour of the world in her womb. His singular act of obedience was enough to ensure that the plans of salvation which God had made would work. We don’t need men who will be so intoxicated with alcohol that their spiritual ears will remain deaf to the voice of God.

Joseph was a regular man like any other. He didn’t have extraordinary strength of character. He was only made extra-ordinary by his obedience to the voice of God. So you see, the virtuous man is not a figment of our imaginations. He did exist and still does exist.


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Me and my flaws

moody face

Hasn’t everyone got one of those? You know, those little things that make you uniquely you, like chewing loudly, biting your nails or the skin around your nails, peeing loudly or always pressing the middle part of the toothpaste tube that irritates the people around you. Can you think of even one person that hasn’t got one of those? Maybe she doesn’t do any of those but every time she closes her eyes to sleep you hear that sound as if a fully loaded trailer is crashing into your house. What about that annoying sound she makes every morning when she clears her throat from the inside and sneezes like there’s a sac of dust in her nose. You try to understand when she tells you that it’s an allergy she’s had since childhood but you can’t help shouting at her to stay away from you whenever she’s sneezing.

I still can’t think of one person who hasn’t got one of those. She hates the way you laugh loudly when you tell a joke that only you find funny and she doesn’t even hide her disgust. You hate the fact that she doesn’t find any of your jokes funny, afterall your past girlfriends always laughed at your jokes. You think she takes forever to do her house chores or dress up and is in fact pretty slow at everything. You like everything placed properly at the appropriate place but he doesn’t seem to know that dirty clothes go into the laundry basket and neat clothes stay folded in the wardrobe. She makes that nerve racking sound in her sleep as if she’s gnashing her teeth, he always sloshes water on the bathroom floor and never remembers to shut the shower curtains when taking his bath. You hate the way he’s selfish with his things. He won’t let you touch his car keys or use any of his ‘toys’. You hate that she likes to borrow your things. Sometimes you stare at him in frustration, wondering if you could just wring his ears and get away with it.

Some nights you go to bed hating his flaws so much that you think of quitting. The next morning you wake up and remember all the wonderful reasons you love him; the tender look in his eyes when he gazes at you, the way he smiles when you see him after work, the way he helps you lift heavy stuff, the wise ideas she always gives when you’re at a difficult spot, her willingness to assist you even before you ask for her help and the feeling of well-being you get when you are together.

Isn’t it just amazing how much flaws we’ve all got and yet we have to still stick together, knowing that it is our flaws that make us uniquely human? It is the mark of imperfection we all bear as human beings. Before you start harping on someone else’s flaws just remember that you’ve got a log of wood in your own eyes. Matt 7:3 Before you start getting mad about someone’s flaws could you just remind yourself that they also have to put up with your own flaws. If we could only learn to accept others and see them the way God sees us, then our relationships will definitely be much better.