About girls and their naked hobbies


It just keeps popping out at you everywhere. You don’t even need to be looking. Out in the streets, TV programmes, movies, pictures on the internet, facebook, tumblr, and this must be the worst…twitter. It’s like some naked frenzy has hit us with the rise of social media. There’s no controlling it. In fact, these days, I’m beyond mortified when they pop out at me.

So what am I going on about? Let me put it this way. I like checking out twitter cos of the plenty news flashes and gists I get on twitter. You know these days the fastest way to get info on what’s happening is by checking twitter updates (who knew gossiping could make such a lucrative career?) as often as possible. Like seriously, I once called my sis to ask her what was happening in her area cos I had just head of some fracas going on there. She was pretty surprised and was like, “How come you’ve already heard about something that is just happening now?” Well, I was just a lil bit cocky when I said, “The world is now a global village, you know and I’m very Y2K compliant.”

That day, I was just innocently going through the Avatars of some people on twitter (don’t ask me if I was that bored cos I sincerely was) when I saw something that left me feeling so scandalized. It’s this new found hobby some girls now have. Taking nude pictures of yourself is one but putting them up on the internet…hmm! It’s like there some kind of naked competition going on and someone is like I can be more naked than you on the internet. I mean, I don’t watch porn and I don’t go seeking out porn-like stuff to watch. In fact, porn is even very different because it usually involves people you may never get to meet in your life but to see the naked picture of someone I may know is beyond scandalizing and mentally scarring. Ladies, abeg naa help us! It’s bad enough that many walk the streets half nude but… putting this stuff on the internet with your face completely exposed? Please don’t ask me to elaborate more on what I saw in the picture. Let me just say that you would pass out if you were to see a picture of your daughter looking like that.

Someone said some of those pictures are private pictures that were leaked on the internet by someone who wanted to deal with the girl involved. Some others were taken in the name of having fun and sent to their boyfriends and somehow got leaked and of course there are still some that were taken with the full intent of posting them on the internet for people to see. And I’m like can’t these girls think beyond their youthful days to the times they will be mothers and grand-mothers? What about their immediate future when some of them will be searching for jobs? Do you know that a lot of employers now check out potential employees first on the internet before they recruit?

I was doing some research for my academic work and in the process I read about online profiling. Your profile can be built by someone who has never seen you before just by following your pattern of surfing the net through the use of cookies and your IP address. Everything you do on the internet is recorded somewhere. You may say that why would anybody want to go that far to find out who you are but even your profile on facebook says a lot about who you are. At least I know how many times I’ve checked out potential employees on facebook. The stuff you put up on twitter and other social media also matter.

Someone is thinking, what’s the big deal? You can’t cry over something that is bigger than you. I’m one of those people that may turn a blind eye to some of these things and keep mum but mehn…ah ah e don too much naa.

So, if you’re one of those that have naked hobbies please think of the future especially if you’re still single and unemployed. Abeg find something more worthwhile to do.


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