Flying witches by day

Large high heel looming over businesswoman

Dreams do come true, you know. Everybody has a dream or at least once had a dream. The most common of all dreams is the dream to succeed in life. In fact, that is one dream we don’t even need to close our eyes at night to have. You may be sitting in a chair, having a drink with friends or just napping and the dream starts. You will wake up with that euphoric feeling that drives you harder towards success. To really live, you need to have a dream. That dream is hope. That dream is the one we hope will one day come true.

Well, there are other kinds of dreams we don’t even want to remember when we wake up. You know the kind of dream where you see witches flying in the noontime. The kind of witches that don’t wait for the cover of darkness to bare their fangs and ride their supernatural long-broom-fighter-jets to wreck havoc on your life. The kind of dream you scream without a sound and wonder if that is the day you will breathe your last…lol.

If you were given a chance to choose your dreams I know there’s no way you would want to dream of noonday witches. You’d rather not sleep than have such dreams or maybe you’ll prefer to sleep at a shrine that night, never mind that the ridiculous images hanging there should be enough to terrify anybody. Okay, this is the type of dream you’d rather not talk about and the kind you pray will never come true.

Talking about dreams and success, do you ever wonder if you have the capacity to handle success when God grants it to you? I see you shrugging, saying to yourself, ‘Do I need any special skill to handle success? Anybody can handle success now.’ Please not everybody can handle success. In fact, for some people it is better not to even attain success. They sleep better at night and nap well in the daytime without success. In fact, if it were possible to ask God for a reversal of their success and to forgive them for ever nagging Him with their prayers, they would have done so rather than live with the result of their success.

Success requires courage!

After God grants you success you need courage to live with it. Some people work so hard and after they succeed, they stay awake at night afraid that someone will break into the house and take it all away. Some others pray for jobs and after they get the job they become paranoid, thinking someone in their office must be haunting them. Maybe you have been praying for a promotion and from the day you got that promotion, you started seeing shadows walking beside you in the daytime, thinking that your colleagues are jealous enough to send spiritual forces after you. Your prayers are no longer about excelling in your new position, you’re too busy calling the names of the witches you suspect are after you. There’s no way you can accept to sit on the chair of the person you took over from, she must have dropped some kind of spiritual poison on it. In fact, your first task as soon as you take over the office is to get a new chair and get the cleaners to remove all the cobwebs in the office just in case she uses them as spiritual antennae to monitor your progress.

Ladies, we need to get rid of all these superstitious beliefs that we jumble up with our Christianity. The way people get so frightened whenever they hear about witches and wizards is so funny. How can you be afraid of something you are greater than? Worst of all some ‘gospel hustlers’ and MOG are making use of this to take hold of people. Any MOG who truly has the spirit of God in him will tell you that ‘greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.’ Do you know where you rank in spiritual hierarchy? The word of God says that ‘what is man that you have made him just a little lower than Elohim’ and theologians have interpreted that verse to mean that man is just a little lower than God. You can’t be a child of God and still be so terrified of people sending spiritual forces against you. If anything, you should be more worried about someone stabbing you physically in the back. That’s the one you may not be able to control physically. As for the spiritual one, forget it. You are more than a conqueror. You are seated with Christ far above principalities and powers.

So, if you want to be the Femmetotale, forget the witches flying at noontime. That’s the most they can do. As a matter of fact, they should be terrified of you.