Olivia Wants Some More

Close up portrait of young woman in sunglasses

Part of the defining moments of my childhood were the days I got to read books that were literally bigger than me. Each page I turned, each word I read, each new story I started gave an extra surge to my excitement because I could finally prove to myself that I was able to do something other people my age couldn’t do. Umhmm, that’s right cos while my mates were reading Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red Riding hood, I was sitting in some quiet corner of the house with big books like David Copperfield or Mayor of Casterbridge propped up somewhere between my shoulder and my palm to reduce the weight of them books. Little wonder I rarely got in the middle of childhood mischief… everybody always knew where to find me (lucky people my parents were).

Anyway, so the phrase, ‘Oliver wants some more’ was generally popular in my childhood. As a matter of fact, if nobody ever made a face at you and called you Oliver Twist in Secondary school then your childhood wasn’t fun 😀 Wondering what I’m going on about? Come on… Oliver Twist was and still is quite a popular book. Even if you never read the big version like I did, you must have read a condensed copy of that bestseller by Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist was an orphan who grew up in a ‘baby farm’ (more like an orphanage now). Around the time of his ninth birthday, he was taken to work along with other kids in a workhouse with very little food. One day, the desperately hungry boys decided to draw lots after which the loser must ask for another portion of food. The task fell to Oliver, who at the next meal tremblingly came forward, bowl in hand, and begged their master, Mr. Bumble for gruel with his famous request: “Please, sir, I want some more”. You can guess what happened next.

That story was set in the 19th Century but as far as we know, Oliver and Olivia Twists have existed since the beginning of the world and still do exist. The world is filled with people who are hardly ever satisfied. One persistent thought we all have in our minds borders on getting more. We attach our happiness to the satisfaction of our immediate needs. We often think, “If I could just get more money, if I could just get that dream job, if I could just get that nice apartment then perhaps I’ll be truly happy. For the Olivias in the world, it’s always, “If I could just get some more designer clothes, some new shoes, more boobs, nicer legs, gap tooth, pretty eyes, long hair or cuter lips… then maybe I’ll be truly happy.”

Is happiness really tied to how much we have? Can anybody ever have so much that the need for more would be eliminated?  As a matter of fact, everyone has feelings of inadequacy because we were not created to be perfect. Our idea of perfection is a far cry from what God views as perfection. Why else would God create the world and after taking a careful look at all he had made, take a deep breath and say that it was good. That means we are part of his perfect creation, no matter how imperfect we think we are. A wise man once said to me that the way you are is perfectly suited for God’s purpose for you. An Olivia would never be satisfied even if she had everything. There will always be a desire for more. The secret to happiness is finding contentment in the present while patiently working towards your goal.

Whenever you start to act like an Olivia, it’s best to remind yourself that you are unique and adequately created to be the best you can be.

Keep being complete!


PS: Sorry for the long silence. You’d think that going away on a vacation would give me ample time to write but for some reason I probably fed so fat on fun that I didn’t remember what gave me the most fun anymore. By the way, a big shout out to Ijeoma who gave me the inspiration for this post. Have a blessed week.