I’ve been listening to you

Your words the only sound in the midst of the still night

Your advice like salt in my sore wounds

Like a thousand horns blaring in the middle of thick traffic

You insist on my attention

I try to shut my ears to you

But your grip is like a clamp on my fragile hands

Then you adopted a new style

Through my friends you reminded me of my past failures

Trough my relatives you told me of my shortcomings


I’ve been listening to your nonsense

Gently you whisper in my ears that my problems won’t go away

You stroked my weary head and sang melodies of doom to me

I sat down in my lonely and dejected state

You sat with me and assured me that nobody loves me

I ate with friends and laughed at their jokes

The laughter was drained from my lips when you reminded me of my problems

I was sick in my body and hoped for the grace of the one who promised me health

You came to visit and smiled at my distress

Then you laughed and told me not to hope for death lay in wait for me


I’ve been listening to your nonsense

The truth came to me in a gentle manner

It held words of promises that I have seen come true

It reminded me of God’s unfailing love and mercies

The simple truth changed my life and renewed my hope

I have decided to block my ears to your nonsense

What you say to me may seem like the present circumstances

But the one who sees the end from the beginning has seen my future

And assures me that it is bright

Stop telling me your nonsense

Even if you don’t

I have chosen to listen to you no more


“We are not cowards because we feel fear. We are only cowards if we let our fear rule our emotions.”


Your words